Thursday, November 19, 2020

Beccy's Challenge - Day 19-
Letter P - Naive style with pencils and gel crayons


 Day 19 on Beccy's November Challenge:


The card has one white layer embossed with a pattern with circles.
The depths are colored with a golden pencil. After that, I added pink, copper
and shades of green for the tree. The bright colors are from gel wax pencils.
For embellishment I used three stickers.

Felicitarea are un singur strat, embosat cu un model
cu cercuri; acestea le-am colorat cu auriu si am mai
adaugat roz, culoare cuprului si nuante de verde pentru
copac; culorile puternice provin de la creioane cu gel;
in completare am adaugat trei stichere.

I still not believe that I arrived at letter 'P'!



Day 18



  1. The crayons are fabulous Suzana, I love the texture they leave on the paper and the colours are nice and vibrant too. The deer sticker is gorgeous, I love the glittery sparkle it adds to your project.

    1. It's for the first time I used the gel crayons. I had in mind another purpose, but maybe another time!
      I discovered some stickers very beautiful and I bought them for cards. I'm glad I star using them...
      Thank you, Beccy!

  2. Lovely card Suzana. You have reminded me that I have Distress Crayons that I haven't used for a while! I think it is time I got them out again. I like the bright colours you have used in your card.

    1. Honestly I do not understand the word 'distress' together with ink and crayons. But I'll discover somehow, during this challenge!
      Thank you, Suze! I was not in town for a couple of days. So I have to hurry! :)
      All the best!