Friday, March 27, 2020

A mandala from grapes

This project is my entry for:
'March Challenge' on Beccy's Place;
'More Mixed Media Challenge - Optional Green'. 
Proiectul meu pentru provocarea lunii martie, pe site-ul lui Beccy 
si pe site-ul More Mixed Media Challenge - Optional verde.

The image used was: 'Bunch of grapes' - Beccy's creation.

LH - Beccy's creation; RH - transformed image

Materials and techniques:
Materiale si tehnici:

- three layers: one green - card stock, one green covered with  acrylic silver color
                         (a very thin coat, just to create some shades) and a white board on
                         which I printed the mandala, circle shaped;
- a special hobby puncher used for the border of the second layer;
- for coloring : pencils for the center area, a green shiny gel pen, fineliner pens for leaves,
                          acrylic gold and red and some dots obtained with a pearl maker pen; 
- both sides adhesive tape between layers;
- between leaves ares I used  heat embossing.  

Felicitarea este realizata din trei straturi, lipite intre ele cu banda
autoadeziva. Elementul central este perforat cu model la capete si
este acoperit cu un strat argintiu, foarte usor. Pentru culori am folosit
creioane, carioci din care una cu gel, acrilice auriu si rosu, marker gel pentru
puncte si intre zonele cu frunze, culoare aplicata prim embosare la cald.

This time, a mandala was obtained from grapes!
It was fun!

Addicted to effects!

I wish you all, be safe and positive!
After the storm, the sun will shine again! 

February challenge

The Red challenge

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

March Constellation

My creation for:
More Mixed Media Challenge: 'Anything goes + Optional red'.

Materials and techniques:
Materiale si tehnici:

- drops of hot glue: the funny effect was that between them, appeared a very, very thin 
  glue 'wire', an unintentionally connection, as you can see bellow;
  picaturi de silicon topit intre care s-a format un fir foarte subtire prin care s-au interconectat,
  asa cum se poate vedea in imagine;

- a green card with shiny effects (stock size), on which the drops were bonded;
- a red heart and a flower stamped in a red foam;
- a special Romanian symbol for March and Spring celebration, in red and white;
- acrylic gold color for painting the drops and  the background and red color for
  the 'wires'.

Pe carton verde cu model am lipit picaturile, o inima si o
floare stantate in spuma rosie, un fir de martisor si apoi
cu acrilice auriu si rosu am realizat efectele.

Could be a March Constellation? Perhaps...

ps. The frame is not real. Just for presentation!

The Blue project

Thursday, February 27, 2020

The sweet birdie

This project is my entry for 'February Challenge' on Beccy's Place.
Proiectul meu pentru provocarea lunii februarie, pe site-ul lui Beccy.

'Just wait for me to grow up!'

 I used an image created by Beccy, received as prize: 
 Am folosit o imagine creata de Beccy, primita ca premiu:

Materials and techniques:
Materiale si tehnici:

- two layers: the blue background is a stock card and the image is printed
                      on a white board, shaped with an oval contour;
- colored pencils and gel pens for coloring the image and the white contour;
- both sides adhesive tape between layers and for the glitter;
- red glitter powder, fixed on the tape;
- a stamp used on the blue background.

Felicitarea este realizata din doua straturi: baza albastra pe care
am lipit cartonul alb tiparit cu imaginea si decupat oval. Culorile sunt
din creioane si carioci cu gel. Pudra stralucitoare este fixata pe banda
autoadeziva, iar pe fundalul albastru am folosit o stampila.

So, this is the Sweet birdie, for February Challenge!

'Have fun, dear friends!'



January challenge

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

A medallion in a special space

This project is my entry for 'January Challenge' on Beccy's Place.
Proiectul meu pentru provocarea lunii ianuarie, pe site-ul lui Beccy.

The image used was the  'Medallion' - Beccy's creation.

Materials and techniques:
Materiale si tehnici:

- three layers: two cards stock- red as base and a shiny grey shaped board;
                         on the third one, white, I printed the image;
- both sides adhesive tape between layers;
- heat embossing for different areas; 
  the powders used: shiny blue, multicolored gold, black, silver;
- a calligraphy pen for the black lines;
- a glitter red marker for corners;
- a fine red pen, for some lines of the medallion.

Am utilizat trei straturi: rosu, gri stralucitor si alb ( pe care
am tiparit imaginea); lipirea intre ele: cu banda autoadeziva;
am utilizat tehnica embosarii la cald, cu patru culori: albastru,
auriu multicolor, negru si argintiu; liniile negre realizate cu
o carioca pentru caligrafie; alte accente cu carioca stralucitoare
pentru colturi si carioca rosie pentru medalion.

The central blue area is somehow similar with an image from an old Romanian 
wood bookshelf.
Imaginea centrala este cumva similara cu un motiv aflat pe un raft de carti din lemn.

This is my January creation! 

And some blue effects!

December challenge

Friday, January 10, 2020

A shiny column

My creation for:
More Mixed Media Challenge: 'Anything goes + Optional blue'.
A Bit More Time To Craft Challenge #107 - Anything Goes

Creative Craft Cottage Challenge #125 - Anything Goes
The Artistic Stamper Creative Team - January Challenge - Anything goes

Materials and techniques:
Materiale si tehnici:

- board with a blue pattern (dim. 10 cm. x 15 cm.);
- as second layer a black board (dim. ~ 8.5 cm x 12.5 cm); 
- glitter powder blue, red, gold;
- hobby puncher triangle shape;
- glitter adhesive paper;
- double sided adhesive tape;
- wood frame (dim. ~12 cm x 17 cm).

Compozitie cu un carton de baza cu model pe albastru si unul
negru, mai mic si acoperit complet. Pulberea stralucitoare in trei culori
(rosu, auriu, albastru) este lipita pe banda adeziva. Cele doua laterale si
triunghiurile (realizate cu perforator) sunt din hartie autoadeziva stralucitoare. 

The shiny space was obtained with glitter, spread on the adhesive tape and 
with an adhesive glitter paper on the lateral sides and for the triangles.

Framed card

Blue effects

My previous project

Friday, January 3, 2020

White into a shiny space

My creation for More Mixed Media Challenge: 'Anything goes + Optional white'.

Materials and techniques:
Materiale si tehnici:

- black board as base (dim.  9cm x 13 cm);
- silicone stamp, heart shape; 
- glitter white (95%) and copper and double sided adhesive tape;
- acrylic red paint, red  glitter gel pen and gold paint marker; 
- wood frame (dim. 10.5 cm x 14.5 cm);
- heat embossing for the heart, using white powder;
- the shiny 'frame' was the result of powdering the glitter on the adhesive tape;
Some details:

Pe carton negru, inima a fost obtinuta prin embosare la cald,
marginea stralucitoare prin presararea sclipiciului pe
banda dublu adeziva, iar cele doua mici geometrii sunt
realizate cu rosu acrilic, carioca cu gel si marker auriu.

I repainted the frame to be in harmony with the card, using acrylic color, 
varnish and glitter in corners, after I depolished the shiny surface.
Rama am matuit-o si revopsit-o cu acrilice, lac si sclipici in colturi.

Framed card

My previous project

Saturday, December 28, 2019

The hided message!

This project is my entry for 'December Challenge' on Beccy's Place.
Proiectul meu pentru provocarea lunii decembrie, pe site-ul lui Beccy.

First appearance

The image after the raising movement

Intermediate movement and the background of the card

The central image is based on Beccy's creation -  'Christmas bauble', but is not
quite accurate because is hand drawn (not printed)!
Imaginea globului am preluat-o de pe site, dar nu e tiparita, asa ca veti observa diferente. 

I wanted to experiment a special way of doing a card, by having two paper sheets 
that  are imbedded and a third one as a cover with a cut-out, through which 
you can see the other two. I saw this kind of technique on a bought card and not 
in a tutorial, so I do not know its name! 
Modelul este experimental, urmarind nu un tutorial ci o alta felicitare. Doua parti
se intrepatrund iar prin decuparea celei de-a treia se pot vedea imaginile de pe
primele doua. 

 Dimensions of the three layers (in cm.) - 1) 17 x 24; 2) 16 x 12; 3) 17 x 16.
 In the original design, the first and the third layers were not  separated. 
 But I did not have this dimension of board, so I improvised.
 You can observe the cutting lines on the first two layers, that allowed the
 Liniile de taiere ale primelor doua cartoane permit miscarea relativa intre ele.

On the dark blue sheet is drawn the bauble (with gel pens and acrylics colors)
and on the first layer there are the celebration words. These ones and all the
other embellishments are thin stickers. 
Pe coala albastru inchis este desenat globul ( cu acrilice si carioci cu gel) iar pe 
primul carton sunt aplicate cuvintele. Acestea ca si toate accesoriile sunt 
stickere autoadezive subtiri. 

The third layer - the cover - has a cut-out (~7cm. x 12cm) and is bonded with
a both sides self adhesive strip (on right, bottom and backward areas). 
Al treilea carton cu decupare, este fixat cu banda dublu adeziva in partea dreapta,
cea de jos si si spate.

The red decorative adhesive strip is on the edge of this layer, to stay more pressed.
The small Christmas tree from the back is also a sticker.
Pe spate, banda adeziva decorativa este pusa pentru a fixa mai bine cartonul cu decupare.
Bradutul este tot un sticker.

So, this is my project. I wanted to do this experiment, but a second experience
will be reproduced with less cutting lines...!  In 2020, I presume! :)
Am vrut sa fac acest experiment, dar il voi repeta doar simplificat, cu mai
putine linii de taiere! Sper ca la anul!  

La Multi Ani, cu bucurie si pace!



The November gallery on Beccy's place!