Friday, March 26, 2021

Spring is in the air!

This project is my entry for
'March challenge' - on Beccy's  Place;
More Mixed Media Challenge - 'Anything goes with optional green';
Cuttlebug Mania Challenge - 'A project with a bunny'.

The central image of this project is from Beccy's site, 'Ballerina Bunny'.

Materials and techniques:
Materiale si tehnici:

- three bonded layers cardboard project: a green base, a white layer
  with a pattern created using  an embossing folder (EFE007) and
  the  last one with the printed image and shaped accordingly;
- for coloring I used usual tools: brushes, brush pens, gold marker,
  glitter markers, pencils.

Felicitarea este formata din trei straturi lipite: o baza de carton
verde, o alta alba embosata si pe ultima pe care am tiparit
imaginea iepurasului si am ajustat-o pentru zona centrala;
pentru colorare am folosit obisnuitele creioane, carioci, pensule.


This is my project with a special ballerina!

Some effects!




February Challenge
Mixed - Optional red

Previous on Cuttlebug Mania

Saturday, February 27, 2021

A special watch

This project is my entry for
'February challenge' - on Beccy's  Place and for
More Mixed Media Challenge - 'Anything goes with optional red'

The watch of beautiful and powerful words!
Ceasul cuvintelor frumoase si puternice!

Sometimes, broken objects give me strange ideas. Like this repair using
Beccy's creation:  'Le Soleil'.
Cateodata, obiectele defecte imi dau idei ciudate. ca aceasta reparatie utilizand
o creatie a lui Beccy.


Materials and techniques:
Materiale si tehnici:

- the round board  has  18 cm. dia.
- a white napkin
is bonded on it, with dedicated glue for this technique,
  after the white painting;
- the printed image was central bonded;
- for numbers and words I used  markers black and red.
- red and gold markers were used for some accents inside the image and
  for marking the 'hours'!


Cartonul rotund are 18 cm; pe el este lipit un servetel
cu tehnica specifica; imaginea tiparita este lipita central;
pentru numere si cuvinte am folosit carioci: negru si rosu;
rosu si auriu le-am folosit pentru imagine si punctarea 'cifrelor'.

That's it! A special watch with beautiful words:
 Light, Love, Peace, Health, Joy, Harmony, Wisdom, Gratitude!

Aceasta este tot! Un ceas special continand cuvinte frumoase!
Lumina, Dragoste, Pace, Sanatate, Bucurie, Armonie, Intelepciune, Recunostinta!

And it has one battery!
Si are o singura baterie!



January Challenge!


Optional white



Sunday, January 10, 2021

Doodling around a Fairy

 This project is my entry for 'January challenge' - on Beccy's  Place.

This image is based on a creation received from Beccy, "Fairy on Snail".

Materials and techniques:
Materiale si tehnici:

- a project from two layers: the base is a white embossed cardboard, on which
                                       is bonded the printed image, also on white background;
- the yellow color was obtained with a pad;
- around the printed image, I added a little bit of 'doodling', obtained with
  fine liners pens and shiny markers;
- the central image is colored with pencils with some heat embossing accents.

Proiectul are doua straturi: o baza alba embosata pe care am lipit
imaginea tiparita; galbenul este obtinut prin tusare; in jurul imaginii
printate am adaugat un model prin tehnica 'doodling' utilizand carioci
subtiri si markere stralucitoare cu gel; imaginea centrala este colorata
utilizand creioane si zonele stralucitoare prin embosare la cald.

This is the idea for January Challenge.
I hope the Fairy liked a little bit my doodling... 

Negative image


"How to doodle" - WikiHow!

December Challenge

Friday, December 25, 2020

Clematis in December

 This project is my entry for 'December challenge' - on Beccy's  Place.

I used a free image, created by Beccy, using a lovely technique that she
remembered us: embossing.

I printed the image on tracing paper and embossed it. After that I bonded
it between two layers: a yellow one with a cutout and a brown cardboard as
background support.
The flowers are colored with markers. As embellishment I added glitter-
blue and gold, sparkles -silver and red  (fixed on self adhesive tape) and in two
corners the ornaments are obtained with a template.

Imaginea am printat-o pe calc, pe care apoi l-am embosat si
fixat intre un carton galben cu decupare si un carton maro ca baza
in spate; pentru flori am folosit carioci; am adaugat sclipici si paiete
pe banda autoadeziva si niste geometrii utilizand un sablon.

This is my last creation for December.

The negative.

And the whole collection of this year, except November:



Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Combining white, red and green
Combinand alb, rosu si verde

This composition enters in the next challenges:
More Mixed Media Challenge
- 'Anything goes  with optional White';
Cuttlebug Mania - 'It is red and green day'.

I decided to use again foam board, even my experience is basic, but I have a lot
of ideas and I love this material. So, even it looks  complicated it's not:
-  dimensions: 12 cm x 15 cm;
-  the stickers: white, pink, yellow and blue are inserted in the foam, as you see;
-  the shiny red and green accessories are done with the next cutting dies:
   BBD005 (bracelet border dies) and XCU503115 (XCut Quilling Dies)
-  around stickers I used contour liner colors: white, gold and silver, of course
   because I couldn't cut perfectly the shapes...
-  the colors used around the central shape are from pads: blue and yellow;
   in the corners I used gel glitter;
-  as additional embellishments:  snowflakes
stickers, the floral shapes
   with an appearance of velvet and some red, green and gold geometries with
   the contour liner.
                You can see in the next image how I started the project:

Lucrarea este facuta utilizand  carton spuma, in care am inserat
stickere colorate (alb, roz, galben si bleu); accesoriile verzi si rosii
au fost realizate cu doua stante; in jurul stickerelor am umplut spatiul
utilizand culori de contur, pentru a ascunde imperfectiunile;culorile
din jurul geometriei centrale sunt din tusiere: albastru si galben;
pe colturi am dat cu un gel sclipicios; am mai adaugat stickere fulgi
de zapada, geometrii florale cu aspect de catifea si anumite geometrii
utilizand tot culori de contur.

This is my entry for the both challenges!
And the negative:

My previous entry for Cuttlebug,
a little bit old...!


And the Mixed Media journey, 2020!


I start saying from now:  

Merry Christmas and joy in our souls!



Sunday, November 29, 2020

Beccy's Challenge - Day 30-
Do what you love

  Day 30 on Beccy's November Challenge, the last one!


Christmas plateau

This composition is made on a canvas panel, with  20cm. dia. and # 4 mm thickness.
The basic color of the background is grey, stretched with the roller from my previous post.
All the geometries are heat embossed and the colors are from pads. The gold points are
from a pen.

Pe un panou panzat, colorat in gri, elementele
geometrice sunt embosate la cald; culorile provin
din tusiere si puncetele aurii sunt de la un marker.

This is the end of November Journey!
It was nice, fun and a lot of beautiful work!

The complete November Journey, 2020!

Beccy's Challenge - Day 28- second entry
Letter Y - A jump into Yellow

  Day 28 on Beccy's November Challenge:

The background of this card has a random geometry, obtained with a partially
dendritic technique: on a plastic plate I put grey shiny color and I spread it with
a small roller, but not uniform. After that I pressed plastic with bubbles and then
I put the cardboard over the color, pressing gentle. This image was done with the
third page put on the surface. Each time the geometry is different and more
smooth. In addition, the usual ideas: colors from pads and a nice sticker

You can find here a tutorial with some ideas and you'll understand why
I said  'partially'
dendritic technique.

Fondul acestei felicitari este creat utilizand partial o tehnica
dentritica: culoare pusa pe o placa de plastic, intinsa partial
cu un trafalet micut, apoi acoperita cu plastic cu bule; urmeaza
presarea pe culoare a cartonului, nu foarte puternic.; acesta este
al treilea carton; la fiecare presare se genereaza o alta geometrie
in plus culori din tusiere si un sticker lipit.

This is a second entry for Yellow!
I did it because I needed for the last piece of this journey.

Day 28 - first entry