Saturday, August 28, 2021

Fantasy with peonies

This project is my entry for:
'August challenge' - on Beccy's  Place;
More Mixed Media Challenge - 'Anything goes with optional Bright's';

This card is based on Beccy's creation, 'the Peony flower' arranged on a set of five.

Materials and techniques:
Materiale si tehnici:

- two bonded layers: a pink base (card stock dim.) and a white one, on which the
  created image is printed; also the five rays are from a shiny white paper, light embossed;
- I colored the image with paint brushes, colors from pads, shiny markers;
  the heart and spiral are created with a gold marker used also in the background.

Două straturi lipite: o bază roz și una albă, pe care imaginea creată este
  cele cinci raze provin dintr-o hârtie albă strălucitoare, usor embosata;
Am colorat imaginea cu pensule, culori din tusiere, markere lucioase;
inima și spirala sunt create cu un marker auriu folosit și în fundal.

This my easy project for this month!

And of course, the negative...

August and Pastel challenges


  1. Your card is very pretty Suzana, the colours are lovely, particularly the pink foundation. I like how you have repeated the image, changing the sizes as they progress around the heart. The gold adds some nice shine.

    1. Thank you, Beccy. The peony is so beautiful, so I had a special support to do this image.
      And of course shining colors were appropriate.
      All the best and an inspired September.
      Thank you for this challenge.❤️

  2. Beautiful 😍

    1. Thank you so much for being here!❤️
      Wishing you a beautiful Autumn ahead!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you for the visit! and comment.
      Have a beautiful week ahead!

  4. An inventive and beautifully done job. Thank you for remembering me. I am and as I hold. Best regards and thanks again for thinking of me.

    1. I'm glad that you are OK and you gave me a sign.
      You are on my blog, so I can not forget you.😊 And of course I observe the absence...
      Thank you for your words of appreciation. I want to do more,
      but it's a 'crowded' period.
      All the best to you.❤️
      Keep in touch!

  5. I love peonies we have quite a big bed of them in our garden. Keep well Diane

    1. It sound beautiful a space full of peonies!
      Thank you for the visit in my space dedicated with small creations. All the best in our world!