Saturday, July 18, 2020

The source of the mesh

This project is my entry for:
'July Challenge' on Beccy's Place;
'More Mixed Media Challenge - Optional Pastel'.
Proiectul meu pentru provocarea lunii iulie, pe site-ul lui Beccy
si pe site-ul More Mixed Media Challenge - Optional Pastel.

The image used from Beccy's site is:

"Witch wreath"

Materials and techniques:
Materiale si tehnici:

-three layers: the base is a white card, stock size, on which is fixed a self adhesive
                        remaining paper from a page with labels; the image was printed
                        and bonded on the surface, after coloring it;
- top, bottom and laterals, on a self adhesive tape, I used glitter, three colors: 
  black, silver, orange;
- for coloring the image and all the spaces around, I used pencils, brush pens,
  a calligraphy pen and a fluorescent acrylic green;                      

Felicitarea are trei straturi: o baza din carton pentru felicitari,
un caroiaj autoadeziv ce avusese etichete si hartia cu imaginea
tiparita si lipita dupa colorare; pe margini am utilizat sclipici fixat
pe banda autoadeziva (negru, argintiu si portocaliu); pentru colorare am
folosit creioane, carioci si un verde fluorescent, acrilic.

That's it! And the mesh started!

Just the negative!

June challenge
Purple challenge


  1. Hello dear Suzana!
    Your mixed media card is absolutely gorgeous! Great creation!
    Love the coloring and the glitter colors too! You are so talented!!
    Have a lovely day! Hugs!

    1. Hello, dear Dimi! Sorry for the delay of the answer!
      Your words are so kind! Thank you a lot. Using the glitter is so nice and have so many effects. And I have to improve my photos! :)
      Have a beautiful and inspired week!

  2. You put so much work into your cards Suzana, they are little works of art! I love all the sparkle and shine on this one, particularly the wonderful metallic finish of the wreath. I like the way you share photos of your process too, it's always interesting to see how things are created. Well done!

    1. And I love to do them and explore new possibilities. The compatibility between materials has many secrets that must be find out! :)
      I like to see the process in images, because these remain when the card is offered. So is like a memo with what to do! And is fair for the presentation also. I'm glad that you appreciate this and I like these kind of compositions based on your creations.
      Thank you, Beccy and all the best in your world!